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Talon David's debut album Miscellaneous welcomes you to a world of genre hodge-podge and whimsical storytelling! Combining her influences of Stevie Wonder, Journey, Taylor Swift, Adele, and more, Talon hopes this project will help every listener realize how uncategorizable they are, and that it empowers them to tell their own stories exactly how they want to tell them.

 All songs written, recorded, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Talon, and include some special appearances from friends and family.


Track List:

1. Better Things

2. Apple Tree

3. Deep Snow

4. Bee in the Hive

5. Not My Problem

6. Two People

7. Hiatus

8. Buffering

9. Ancient

10. Flow (Ft. Ashley Abbink)

11. Weightless

12. Raspberry Sunrise (Ft. AYLA)

13. Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous CD

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