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But who is she?

Talon David presents Heart's Mirage

Talon David grew up in a musical household just outside of Nashville, TN. Her parents, being retired performers themselves, introduced her to a vast array of musical styles, including Journey, the Eagles, the Beatles, Cindi Lauper, Barbra Streisand, and the original Broadway cast album of Wicked. Talon loved them all, and little did she know that as she listened, she was creating a unique musical vocabulary for herself. 


She wasn’t to fully use this vocabulary until her freshman year of high school when she wrote her first song. This freedom of expression was intoxicating to Talon and she dove into songwriting headfirst. During her senior year, she got a call that she had won the GRAMMY Foundation’s Teens Make Music Contest with her song “Deep Snow” and got to attend the GRAMMY Awards in LA that year. Suddenly, her music could be for other people—there were strangers out there that would listen to what she had to sing.


This solidified her decision to study popular music performance at Belmont University. During those four years, her musical vocabulary expanded again with the addition of Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Mozart, Debussy, and Jacob Collier. She had the privilege to perform and record countless projects with friends and colleagues, most notably her performance as Mary Magdalene on Neal Morse’s prog opera Jesus Christ: the Exorcist. And throughout the collegiate process, Talon was songwriting, crafting a whimsical yet soulful sound for herself. 


As division seems to reign supreme, Talon believes music is uniquely capable of uniting people—just as it has in the past—through their shared pain and general hope for a better tomorrow. In her own words, “I want to serve my listeners by giving them a shoulder to cry on, but also letting them know that there are far better things beyond this situation. I want to help modern people grasp the eternal mindset, give them a bit of that transcendent essence in my music, realizing that no matter the extent of pain, there is always hope.”


In late 2021, Talon released her first full length album, Miscellaneous, completely written, sung, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by herself. Six years in the making, it served to center her focus on her sound and draw her niche listeners out from their introverted dream worlds. As she looks toward her second album, set for release in early 2024, she aims to take them on a journey into her own dream world. 

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