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So that's it. I can officially say I have attended the GRAMMY Awards. The experience was surreal! We joined the masses of adorned couples outside the Staples Center, my eyes scouring the crowds for any sign of celebrity. The funny thing was most of their eyes were looking at me the same way. When I made eye contact with someone, I could tell that they were having the same inner query with themselves on whether the person they were looking at had any star status. As a result, everyone was very friendly, but a little absent-minded. There was almost a tangible haze of preparatory starstruck hanging in the air. After Mom had taken her fill of photos, Dad and I presented our tickets and were dire

Second Day: Village Recorder

Another day in the heart of the "city of stars", and I'm still in a state of partial awe and unbelief. At ten o'clock following our first Uber experience, Mom and I joined the other winners and their families at the Village Recording Studio. We were directed to like a little break room upstairs to wait for the tour guide. It was kind of weird that no one from MusiCares was there to greet us; the people at the front desk just trusted us when we said we were part of the contest winner group. That's pretty much the vibe around all of L.A. though. Everyone has the friendliest, sincerest demeanor, but they aren't going to hold your hand and walk you through anything. That's purely southern hospit

First Day at the Staples Center

Today marked the beginning of one of the moments in my life that I know I will treasure forever. By some unbelievable miracle, I won the Teens Make Music contest, which gave me the opportunity to attend the 59th GRAMMY Awards this weekend. Just that would be enough, I mean, it's "music's biggest night", but the top three winners of the contest got the opportunity to tour the behind-the-scenes of the Staples Center (that's the arena where the GRAMMY Awards are held). We entered from the loading entrance and walked by various artist platforms. Every artist performing at the GRAMMYS has their own set-up on wheels, which makes it easier for the stage-hands to quickly move them around as necessar

Going to the Grammys!

Nashville teenager wins Teens Make Music songwriting contest and is heading to the Grammys!

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